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Command Line Options des Installers

Folgende Command-Line Optionen werden unterstützt:


q, -quiet, -s, -silent = silent install

passive = progress bar only install

norestart = suppress any restarts

forcerestart = restart no matter what (I don't know why this is still around)

promptrestart = prompt if a restart is required (default)

layout = create a local image of the bootstrapper (i.e. download files so they can be burned to DVD)

l, -log = log to a specific file (default is controled by bundle developer)

uninstall = uninstall

repair = repair (or install if not installed)

package,-update = install (default if no -uninstall or -repair)


Siehe auch: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/msi/command-line-options