"axesPDF for Word" tab disappeared

A. Your situation

Word is crashed. After re-starting you get the a message similar to the following:

"Word experienced a serious problem with the ‘axespdfforword’ add-in. This add-in is incompatible with Data Execution Prevention mode and should be disabled or upgraded to the latest version. Do you wish to disable this add-in from loading?"


Read the message carefully!

Clicking "No"?

If you click "no", then the axesPDF tab still appears in the ribbon. You can use the add-in as before.

Clicking "Yes"?

If you click "yes", then the axesPDF tab disappears because Word disables the add-in. The following tutorial guides you through the workflow to get your axesPDF tab back:

B. Step-by-step tutorial

In order to get your axesPDF tab back:

In Word 2007

  1. Click the Microsoft Office Button
  2. Click "Word Options" and then "Add-Ins"

In Word 2010

  1. Click the File tab.
  2. Choose "Options" from the File tab’s menu.
  3. In the Word Options window, choose "Add-Ins" from the left side.

Managing Add-ins

You get a list with all add-ins and application extensions that are categorized as follows:

  1. Active Application Add-ins: extensions that are registered and currently running in Word.
  2. Inactive Application Add-ins: add-ins that are available on your computer but are not currently loaded.
  3. Document Related Add-ins: not relevant for us in this case.
  4. Disabled Application Add-ins: add-ins that were automatically disabled because they are causing Word to crash.

If you cannot find axesPDF for Word in group 1, 2 or 4, then you have to re-install the add-in.

Group 1: "Active Application Add-in"

The add-in axesPDF for Word is installed correctly.The tab "axesPDF" appears in the ribbon.


The add-in is ready to use.

Group 2: "Inactive Application Add-ins"

  1. Got to the selection list at the bottom and select "Manage: COM-Add-Ins", then click "Go to...". 
  2. The window "COM-Add-Ins" opens. There you find all inactive Application Add-ins (checkboxes are clear).
  3. Select the "axesPDF for Word" checkbox and click "OK".
  4. The tab "axesPDF" appears in the ribbon. 

Congrats! You have got back the add-In "axesPDF for Word".

Group 3: "Document Related Add-ins"

This group is not relevant for users of "axesPDF for Word".

Group 4: "Disabled Application Add-ins"

  1. Got to the selection list at the bottom and select "Manage: Disabled Elements", then click "Go to...".
  2. The window "Disabled Elements" opens. There you find all disabled add-ins.
  3. Select the add-in "axesPDF for Word" and click the button "Activate".
  4. To get your tab "axesPDF" back, you have to re-start Word.

Congrats! Now you can use "axesPDF for Word" as before.

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    Bruce Ctr Aron

    A more serious issue is when the AddIn does not appear in the list despite being installed.

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