axesPDF for Word - Beta 1

New Features

Accessible implementation of text elements

  • paragraphs
  • headings (hierarchy according level)
  • images (appear in the PDF tag tree at the anchored position)
  • captions for images and tables (Beta 0.9.0: if you use the standard templates in Word)
  • lists
  • external and internal links
  • tables (Beta 0.9.0: not determinable individually yet; you have to use the option "Repeat as header row at the top of each page")
  • table of content (Beta 0.9.0: not correctly nested yet)
  • side notes (you have to use correct position frames; appear in the PDF tag tree at the anchored position)
  • header and footer (marked as artifacts)
  • elements, that are not supported yet (e.g. text frames), are marked as artifacts

Perfect Tagging

With axesPDF for Word it is guranteed that your PDF document has high quality PDF tags. We achieve this through:

  • correct tags (names and roles)
  • correct reading order - Pay attention: the reading order is determined by the tag order!
  • correct tags even at page breaks
  • correct document language

In Future

Following beta releases will support additional features.

Known Bugs

  • tables: the implementation of vertical centered content in table cells is not correct
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