axesPDF QuickFix 1.0 released (Update)

axesPDF QuickFix is the timesaving checking & remediation tool for accessible PDFs that comply with PDF/UA (ISO 14289) and WCAG 2.

This program is a professional version of the PDF Accessibility Checker (PAC) 2.

What is new?

  • bugfixes - e.g. more reliable editing of tag properties
  • trial without registration (every page with watermark)
    Page with watermark
  • New Tab "Font" with 1-click-fixing button "Fix CID to GID Mapping"
    New Tab Font with the button Fix CID to GID Mapping
  • Tab "Viewer": new field page number with possibility to jump directly to a specific page
    Tab Viewer with the new page navigation
  • Tab "Settings": new editable text field "Document Title"
    Tab Settings with the new field Document Title

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