Required information for support requests

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We can fix the issue, if it is possible for us to generate the error. Therefore it is necessary that you send us the following detailed information:


(1) Operating system, on which the axesPDF-software is running

  • OS version?
  • 32- or 64-bit?
  • Do you use a VM (virtual machine)? If yes: in which form?
  • .NET-version?


(2) Microsoft Word
(only if you are using axesPDF for Word)

  • Version number
  • 32- oder 64-bit?


(3) axesPDF software

  • Version number


(4) Problem description

  • Description of the problem as accurate as possible
  • Exact error message (if occuring) - screenshot would be perfect
  • In case of an error message „Unexpected Error": send us a copy of the stack trace (you can identify the stack traces by means of cryptic symbols)
  • Description of the context in which the problem occurred as accurate as possible (When does the problem occur? What was the last operation before?)


(5) Concerning document

  • Word-document (if error occurs while converting)
  • PDF-document (if error occurs with this document)


(6) License information
(only if you have a licensing issue)

General information

In case of concurrent user license:

Above mentioned screenshots of license server and client

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