Required information for support requests

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We can fix the issue, if it is possible for us to generate the error. Therefore it is necessary that you send us the following detailed information:


(1) Operating system, on which the axesPDF-software is running

  • OS version?
  • 32- or 64-bit?
  • Do you use a VM (virtual machine)? If yes: in which form?


(2) Microsoft Word
(only if you are using axesPDF for Word)

  • Version number
  • 32- oder 64-bit?


(3) axesPDF software

  • Version number


(4) Problem description

  • Description of the problem as accurate as possible
  • Exact error message (if occuring) - screenshot would be perfect
  • In case of an error message „Unexpected Error": send us a copy of the stack trace (you can identify the stack traces by means of cryptic symbols)
  • Description of the context in which the problem occurred as accurate as possible (When does the problem occur? What was the last operation before?)


(5) Affected document

  • Word-document (if error occurs while converting)
  • PDF-document (if error occurs with this document)


Of course we will treat your documents confidentially. Read our data protection and confidentiality declaration with regard to customer documents (see link at the bottom of this page).


(6) License information
(only if you have a licensing issue)

General information

  • Which license key does it affect?
  • Screenshot of window product information (in the software)
  • Screenshot window license information
  • Screenshot website License Manager
  • Exact error message (if occuring) - screenshot would be perfect

Access via domain

  • Screenshot of the view "licenses" within the Licensing Agent
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