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You switch to the new license system with your previous product key by adding it to a license account in the new web-based license administration.

Every previous key that you add to the new licensing system is changed on the fly to a login-based key. Login-based means that you activate the software by logging in with your axes4 ID.



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Step 1: Choose the right license account in advance

Your previous license key also applies to the new license system. You create an access to the new web-based license administration and add the key to a license account: There are 2 types of license accounts. Select the right one for your usage situation:

  • Personal license account (for private users):
    This is the right account for a license that you only want to use personally. As a rule, this is the right account for private users. The licenses in a personal license account are hardwired to the owner.
  • Team license account (for organizations):
    This is the right account for licenses that you want to use in an organization. Even if you only start with one license, the team license account is the right choice. The licenses in a team account can be assigned to users or user groups.


Step 2: Download and install the current program versions

The new license system only works with the current program versions:

Please pay attention to the system requirements!


Step 3: Switching = reactivate with your previous license key

Detailed instructions on how to activate can be found here:

Access via axes4 ID

Access via Domain - Local server required


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