Activation of Concurrent User or Flat Licenses

Set up a license server

For using a concurrent user or flat license, you have to set up a license server.

Required hard- and software

To set up the license server, you need the following hard- and software:

  • server with Windows Server or Windows
  • Sentinel HASP/LDK Run-Time Installer
  • axesPDF License Activator
  • Product Key for Concurrent User or Flat Licenses


1. Set up and activate the license server

  • Download Sentinel HASP/LDK Run-Time Installer on your license server. You find the installer on the download page of the Gemalto Support Portal:
    You can choose between Run-Time Installer with GUI or as Command Line.
      The Run-Time Installer is available as a ZIP file.
  • Install the Run-Time Installer
  • Download the axesPDF License Activator on your license server. You find the program here:
  • Start axesPDF License Activator (double-click on the ".exe" file).
    Select Online-Activation and execute the appropriate steps.

2. Install axesPDF Software on the clients

Install axesPDF software on all needed clients.


It is not necessary to activate the software on the single client, because the license will be taken from the license server.

3. Set up the Client-Server communication

Sentinel LDK communicates via TCP and UDP on Port 1947. This port is exclusively registered for this purpose at IANA. Please make sure that firewalls or other systems do not block these channels.

There are two ways of how a client can find the license server:

  • Automatically via Broadcast
    This is the default setting.
  • Via configured IP or hostname
    The location, where to find the server, is specified in the INI-file of the corresponding client. You can set the INI-file in the Admin Control Center:
    • Call following address in a client's browser: http://localhost:1947/int/config_to.html
    • Go to the ribbon tab "Access to Remote License Managers“ and enter in the text box "Remote License Search Parameters“ the address of the server - as IP address or hostname - and click on the button: SUBMIT. (Broadcast Search can be deactivated)
    • the port must not be specified explicitly


Normally you can find the configured hasplm.ini in Windows 10 here:
C: > Programme (x86) > Common Files > Aladdin Shared > HASP
Distribute the INI-file then to all clients, so that they can find the server also.

You can specify further parameters in the INI-file. Find useful information for configuration here:

4. Done!

Finally, you can check in the Admin Control Center on the client PC, if you have installed the license correctly:

  • Is the key (Remote License) available?
  • Does your product appear on the list in the product view?





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