License Administration: Swap Users (self service)


In your Team License (cloud-based user administration), you want to swap users. 


  1. Remove the previous user from this license.

  2. In the License Administration, map the new user to the license. For details, see: How to map Users

    After 30 days, activation will be possible with the new user.

    You can see how long the previous user still is activated by checking the "Activation expires" date in the license manager of the previous user.

  3. If the swap has to take place earlier than 30 days in the future, we immediately can deactivate all existing activations for you on demand.

    Then, your users can reactivate immediately according to your new user mapping.

    To request an immediate deactivation, send an email to

How to map Users

The procedure of adding users to a license is described in the activation guide which you can download on this page: 

Applicable for

  • Licensing type:
    • Access via axes4 ID (user administration in the cloud)
  • Applications:
    • axesPDF
    • axesWord


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