axesWord 22.1.10 Release Notes

Release Date

May 4th, 2022


  • Dutch localization added.
  • Localization added for license information dialog.
  • Message box added that informs about the inability to convert the document in case the document contains protected sections.
  • Message box added that informs about the inability to convert the document in case the document contains linked textboxes.
  • Support for fonts installed only in the user context.
  • Support for embedded fonts.
  • Added the possibility to start the conversion from the File menu or the Export menu in Word.
  • Ability to abort the conversion process added.
  • Added a parameter to the text box role that specifies whether the link of a text box should be tagged or not.
  • Built-in styles Title and Subtitle are now tagged as custom tags “Title” and “Subtitle” and role mapped to “P”.


  • axes4 License Manager updated to version 1.5.
  • Revised look and feel.
  • Icons in the ribbon are now DPI aware.
  • Better message if the file to be saved is already open in another process.
  • The initial width of the role assignment task pane has been expanded and now takes DPI into account.
  • Revised user interface to improve accessibility.
  • Better support for grouped element.


  • Issue fixed with Word documents that are stored on OneDrive.
  • Removing roles from cloned elements no longer affects the role mapping of the original element.
  • Issue fixed that sometimes the base path and file name were not set correctly in the save dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where shapes anchored to empty paragraphs were not tagged correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect tagging when tab characters were present in footnotes.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted incorrectly tagged links inside numbered headings with footnote references in it.
  • Fixed an an issue that resulted in incorrectly tagged lists when a list didn’t start at the first level.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes resulted in a missing link tag around link annotation for cross-references to foot-/endnotes.


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