axesPDF 2.0.2 Release Notes

Release Date

May 4th, 2022


  • Elements in the Logical Structure pane can now be moved around by drag-and-drop.
  • Elements in the Logical Structure pane can now be deleted.
  • Structure elements in the Logical Structure pane can now be enclosed into a new structure element.
  • New structure elements can now be created in the Logical Structure pane.


  • Revised look and feel.
  • The user interface has been improved to better adapt to dpi settings.
  • Instead of an icon, text is now used for the file menu in the ribbon.


  • Fixed an issue that resulted in an unhandled exception in case of an invalid PDF.
  • Fixed an issue that during the inspection the loading indicator is closed in case of an error.
  • Fixed an issue which in some cases triggered an error message when adding the PDF/UA identifier.
  • Removed the prefilled text “openFileDialog” in the open dialog.
  • Fixed the issue that in some cases the changed values in the properties pane were not saved at the expected moment.


Download the newest version of axesPDF

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