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Remove Artifacts

What it does

This command makes all artifacts to non-tagged elements.

Use it for

Fixing the issue "Artifact inside tagged content".

How to use it

  1. Check your document for artifacts inside tagged content by clicking the tab "Checker" and on the button "Refresh".
  2. If the report shows an error "Artifact inside tagged content" go to the tab "Content" and click on the button "Remove Artifacts".
  3. Click on the button "Artifact non-tagged content".
  4. Re-check your document: no artifact inside tagged content should be left.
  5. Done.

Related checkpoint 

Matterhorn Protocol (PDF/UA)

  • Checkpoint 01: Real content tagged, Failure Condition 01-005

 Also see: Matterhorn Protocol - PDF/UA translated into checkpoints

Related reference

DIN-/ISO-Standard 14289-1 (PDF/UA)

  • 8.1 General

 Also see: ISO 14289 (PDF/UA)

Related accessibility issue

Artifacts are decorative elements or non-relevant content. They will not be rendered and they do not have a rendered equivalent. If they are marked as artifacts a machine can deal with them correctly - for example ignore them.