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Does axesPDF QuickFix replace axesPDF for Word?

No. The tools are for different steps in the PDF accessibility workflow:

  • axesPDF for Word: for the step of document authoring and conversion.
  • axesPDF QuickFix: for the step of quality assurance (evaluation and remediation).

Some more differences:

  • axesPDF for Word is only for the "Word-Workflow": When the final version of axesPDF for Word is available, you will not need axesPDF QuickFix for remediation of accessible PDFs based on Word. axesPDF for Word will be able to create PDFs fully conforming with PDF/UA. Ok, you can use axesPDF QuickFix for the evaluation, but the free PDF accessibility checker 2 will be enough.
  • axesPDF QuickFix is for all accessible PDFs (and Workflows) - you need it especially for accessible PDF documents created with Adobe Indesign or Acrobat.