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Check license information

You can review the product information and license information at any time.

Product Information

  1. Go to the tab axesWord.
  2. Click the button Info. The dialogue box Product Information opens:

Dialogue box: Product Information

Next to the small seal of approval, you can immediately see the activation status of your application:

  1. Licensed: The application is licensed and can be used.
  2. Activation Expired: In this case, reactivate your product (see license information below).

The current software version is visible below the axesWord logo.

License Information

You can check your current licensing status at any time:

  1. Open the dialogue box Product Information (see above).
  2. Press the button License Information:

Dialogue box: License Information


Field Description
License Name The name of the license
License Key

The code to identify your license.
It is used to unlock your purchased axes4 software.
By clicking the small button beneath you can load the license into the clip board.

License Expiration All axes4 licenses grant the right to use for a certain period of time. At the end of this period, the right to use expires. This date is the expiration date/expiration of the license.

User of an axes4 software

Device System on which a user uses the axes4 software.

Activation Expiration

Indicates the possible duration of offline use. By default, this is 30 days.

User ID

Anonymized user name
For support requests, the user ID can be copied to the cache using the button.

Device ID

Anonymized device name
For support requests, the device ID can be copied to the cache using the button.

License Manager

Pressing the button takes you to your client's license manager.

For support requests, please include screenshots of product information and license information.