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Easy accessibility

With axesWord you can convert your Word documents to accessible PDFs. The resulting PDF is compliant with international standards like PDF/UA or WCAG 2.

Full-Featured Trial with some restrictions

You can use axesWord in trial mode, without registration or a license key, with the following restrictions:

  • Watermark on every page
  • Random single characters are a different color
  • axesWord settings are not saved in the document
  • The term "axesWord trial version" is included as hidden text for assistive technologies

Uninstall previous versions

You should uninstall any previous versions of axesWord before installing the current version.

Download the current version:


Ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements: System Requirements.

Tip: Use axesPDF, a professional checking tool

To evaluate accessible PDFs, the professional checking tool axesPDF is a good choice - just check it out!