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axesPDF for Word crashes with February Update of Microsoft Word 2016

Update (March, 05 2016)

Microsoft has now released a new version. So if you still use Word 2016 (16.0.6528.1011) please update to the newest version Word 2016 (16.0.6528.1017) and the bug is fixed.

There is no workaround necessary any more. If you have changed the expint.dll as written in option 2 please change it back to the backup of the original version.

Bug in Word 2016 February Update (16.0.6528.1011)

With the February Update of Word 2016 Microsoft changed the API that is used by axesPDF for Word without announcing or documentating it. In our perspective this is a bug. But we do not know yet how Microsoft will react to it.

You have 2 options in order to continue in using axesPDF for Word:

Option 1:
Revert to the previous version of Word 2016 (a version before the Word 2016 February update)

Adobe has posted a short tutorial how you can do that:

Option 2:
Change the expint.dll in the axesPDF for Word folder

We have analyzed what Microsoft has changed and we have prepared a new expint.dll. You only have to change this file in the axesPDF for Word folder.

But: If Microsoft changes back the API, you will have to change back the expint.dll.
So make first a backup of the original expint.dll file.

Select the file according to your Office version:

  • expint64.dll is for Office 64 bit
  • expint.dll is for Office 32 bit