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License Administration

In the web-based license administration you can manage both your licenses and your license accounts.

What you can do there:

  • Go to your personal license account (standard view when logging in for the first time)
  • Open team license accounts
  • Add licenses
  • View license details
  • Edit settings for license accounts
  • Edit your profile

To open license administration, go to in your browser.

First you see the View: Licenses of the last selected license account. When you log in for the first time, this is your personal license account:


On the left side you see the Menu bar: License administration with the available menu options "Licenses" and "Settings":


With a team license account there are additional menu options available: "Users" and "User groups":


Add license

  1. In the View: Licenses with a list of all your licenses that are assigned to the selected account, press the Button: Add license.
  2. In the Dialog box: Add license, enter your license key in the Text field: License key:
  3. Confirm your entry with the Button: Confirm
  4. Your license now appears in the View: Licenses

View license details

  1. In the View: Licenses, click on one of your licenses. You will then see all the details on the Card: License information:

Edit your profile

  1. Click on your axes4 ID
  2. The Drop-down menu: axes4 ID opens
  3. Activate the Menu option: Edit profile
  4. On the Card: Account settings you can edit your data
  5. To save the changes, click the Button: Save.

Log out

If you want to log out, press the Menu option: Logout in the Drop-down menu: axes4 ID or on the Card: Account settings the Button: Logout.

Create team license account

  1. Click the Menu option: Personal license account
  2. The Drop-down menu: License account opens
  3. Activate the Menu option: Create license account.
  4. The Dialog window: Create license account opens:
  5. Enter a name of your choice for the new team license account in the Text field: License account name and confirm with the Button: Create license account.
  6. You will return to the main page of the license management and you will be in your new team license account:

Change settings of license account

  1. In the Menu bar: License account, click on the Menu option: Settings
  2. Press the Button: Edit

  3. You can now change the settings on the Card: License account
  4. To save the entries, click the Button: Save.