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Activate team or flat license (Access via axes4 ID)

If you are activating axes4 applications for the first time, we suggest using
the detailed manual (a PDF) which is downloadable at the bottom of the page.


Preparatory steps

  1. Make sure you have your license key at hand.
  2. Clarify what name you want to give to the team license account usually this will be the name of your organization.
  3. Make sure you have the email addresses of all the users you want to be part of your team and to assign licenses to.
  4. Optionally: Clarify whether it makes sense to group users together and what name you want to give to that user group.

Set up team licensing

Steps at a glance 1: Administrator

In order for your team to use axes4 software, the following steps are required:

  1. Create axes4 ID (as access to License Administration):
    Create access to License Administration using the axes4 ID: (Select the LINK: SIGNUP or just log-in if you already have an axes4 ID)
  2. Create a Team License Account:
    In License Administration: Create a Team License Account or select one, if you already have it.
  3. Add license:
    In License Administration: Add a license to your Team License Account
  4. Assign license:
    In License Administration: Assign the License(s) to Users or User Groups
  5. Install software:
    On the users' computers: Install the axes4 software. Take care that you meet the system requirements.
  6. Restart the PC:
    Restart the users' computers.

Steps at a glance 2: User

  1. Start License Manager:
    The user must now open the axes4 license manager on his computer:
    1. In Windows, go to the tray (area at the bottom right of the screen)
    2. Click on the extension icon ^
    3. Click on the "axes4 License Manager" icon (white 4 on green background)
  2. Log in:
    On the user's computer: Log into the License Manager with the axes4 ID of the respective user.
  3. Select license:
    On the user's computer: Activate the software in the License Manager in the card "ACTIVE APPLICATIONS" by selecting the prefered license.

Detailed manual

Click the link below for detailed instructions: