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axesPDF 2.0.5 - Release Notes

Release Date



  • Graphical user interface:
    • Icons have been introduced that scale better on high-resolution displays
    • Dialogs now have a minimum size
    • Dialogs now can be terminated with ESC
    • Dialogs now have the correct tab order
  • License Manager has been updated to version 2.4.0:
    • Added self-service deactivation: For details, see this support article
    • Updated to .NET 6
    • Added activation log under %appdata%\axes4\Licensing which logs activations independent of success or failure
    • The manager now displays successfully activated licenses and all selected licenses in the main view.
    • New functionality to show the activation log to the end-user in the main view of the manager.
    • There now is the possibility to activate manually, for details see this support article 
    • Icons have been updated 
    • Improved options for logging


  • Improved handling of InDesign (version 18.4 and higher) documents
  • Minor bug fixing to enhance general stability


Download axesPDF here