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Manual Activation

Available from: axesWord 23.1.3 and axesPDF 2.0.5 (and later versions)


Manual activation allows axes4 products to be used on computers without Internet access and without a connection to a license agent.

This involves creating a file with an activation request on the offline computer. This file is manually transferred to a computer with Internet access (e.g. via USB stick) and sent to our licensing server there. The licensing server sends back an activation file, which is again manually transferred to the offline computer.

Note: Our licenses must be configured for manual activation. Please contact us if you want to use your license in this way.


A team account with at least one license configured for manual activation.

Detailed instructions

On the offline computer

  1. Set the ActiveConnections value in the registry to manual. Detailed information can be found in this support article.
  2. Open the License Manager
  3. In the upper section of the user information, click Create manual activation request
  4. Transfer the activation request file to a computer with Internet access

On the computer with Internet access

  1. Open the license management
  2. Navigate to the appropriate team account
  3. Select the Manual Activation menu item in the navigation bar on the left side
  4. Click Select files and select the activation request(s)
  5. Select the required license
  6. Click Activate
  7. Download the activation file
  8. Transfer the activation file to the offline computer

On the offline computer

  1. Click Load manual activation file and select the activation file
  2. Click Upload Activation