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Button "Export PDF"

Screenshot: 'axesSlide' ribbon tab, the 'Export PDF' button is highlighed.

What it Does

This button creates an accessible PDF from your PowerPoint presentation.

Use it for

You can use the tool to convert your PowerPoint presentation into a PDF document.

How to use it

  1. Click on the button Export PDF in the ribbon tab axesSlide.
  2. The dialog box Export PDF appears.
    Screenshot: 'Export PDF' dialog box
    • In the text box PDF Filename you can specify the file name and the storage location. Click on the button Button on which there are 3 dots to start the saving dialogue.
      By default, the name and storage location of the PowerPoint presentation are used here.
    • Check whether a suitable title is specified in the text box Document Title. Change or insert a title if necessary.
    • Check whether the appropriate language has been set in the drop-down menu Main Document Language. Change it if necessary.
    • By activating the check box Open PDF Document in Default Viewer, you can specify that the PDF document is displayed with your default PDF viewer immediately after creation.
    • By activating the check box PDF/A you specify that the PDF is created in PDF/A Format.
  3. Click on the button Create to start the analysis and creation process.