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Task pane "Settings"

Task pane: Settings

What it does

In this task pane you can determine different general settings of your document which are especially relevant for the starting view or reader/viewer.

Use it for

Following settings are available:

  • Layout
    • Options for navigation tab: shall a navigation tab be opened and if yes which one?
    • Options for page layout: in which way shall the pages be presented in the starting view?
  • Window options
    • Resize window to initial page
    • Center window on screen
    • Open in fullscreen mode
    • Options for window title: shall document title or filename be shown in window title?
  • Title
    • Enter an individual title for the document, which will be shown as window title if the corresponding setting is done
  • User interface options
    • Hide menu bar
    • Hide tool bars
    • Hide window controls
  • Language
    • Enter the language of the document – this language will be taken if no other language is defined on deeper levels (tag or content level)

How to use it

  • Choose your options out of the drop-down list boxes
  • Activate or deactivate the settings with check boxes
  • Enter a title in the text box "Title"
  • Enter a language in the text box "Language": use the format of a two-character language code (according ISO 639) and country code (according ISO 3166-1). Example: "en-US" for American English or "en-GB" for British English. Take care of small and capital letters for the language and country codes.


Click on the button Defaults to set standard values for layout, window options and user interface which are preferable from an accessibility point of view:

  • Layout
    • Options for navigation tab: bookmarks panel will be shown in starting view
    • Options for page layout: single pages continuous will be shown
  • Window Options
    • Resize window to initial page: not activated
    • Center window on screen: not activated
    • Open in fullscreen mode: not activated
    • Options for window title: document title will be shown in window title
  • User Interface Options
    • Hide menu bar: not activated
    • Hide tool bars: not activated
    • Hide window controls: not activated

Do not forget

Enter a document title and enter or check the document language.