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Document View

Document view

What it does

This window is your main (and default) view of your document that you are working on. It shows you the presentation level of your document.

If you select a structure element in the task pane Logical Structure Tree or select an error in the task pane Checker, the related element will be highlighted in the Document View.

Use it for

  • watching the presentation level of your document
  • navigating through your document
  • evaluating the logical order - in combination with the task pane Logical Structure Tree
  • analysing accesssibility issues in detail - in combination with task pane Checker

How to use it

  1. Open your document and in the main window you get the Document View.
  2. Customize your Document view by using the buttons Zoom In, Zoom out, Zoom or Page Width in the tab Viewer.
  3. Navigate through your document by using the scroll bar or the buttons Previous and Next in the tab Viewer.