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Remove Artifacts

What it does

It deletes the artifact-tag from all objects which have been marked as artifact. Afterwards these objects are not tagged at all.

Use it for

If there is tagged content within artifacts you can delete the artifact-tag with this tool. Or if some content of the dokument was marked as artifact by mistake and you would like to tag those content. 

How to use it

  1. Click in the ribbon tab Content on the button Remove Artifacts.
    Button: Remove Artifacts
  2. Done!

Related accessibility issue

Example of an error message: PDF/UA > Basic requirements > Content > Artifacts and tagged content > Artifact present inside tagged content

The error here is that a marked content element, on which is referenced from the logical structure, contains a subordinate artifact.

Solution: Delete all artifacts with the tool Remove Artifacts and mark them again as artifacts with the tool Artifact non-tagged content.