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Artifact non-tagged content

Button: Artifact non-tagged content

What it does

This command marks every non-tagged document element as an artifact.

Use it for

Marking all non-tagged elements as decorative or non-relevant.

How to use it

  1. First check your document for non-tagged content by clicking on the button Refresh in the task pane Checker.
  2. Click in the ribbon tab Content on the button Artifact non-tagged content.
  3. Re-check your document: no non-tagged elements should be left.
  4. Done.


Commonly speaking this tool is an "artifactor". So be careful that you use it only to mark real decorative or non-relevant content.


Related checkpoint 

Matterhorn Protocol (PDF/UA)

  • Checkpoint 01: Real content tagged, Failure Condition 01-005

 Also see: Matterhorn Protocol - PDF/UA translated into checkpoints

Related reference

DIN-/ISO-Standard 14289-1 (PDF/UA)

  • 8.1 General

 Also see: ISO 14289 (PDF/UA)

Related accessibility issue

Artifacts are decorative elements or non-relevant content. They will not be rendered and they do not have a rendered equivalent. If they are marked as artifacts a machine can deal with them correctly - for example ignore them.