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Set Tab Order

What it does

This command sets for every page the tab order according to the logical document structure (according to the tag order).

Use it for

Determining the tab order for your document by clicking a button.

The tab order determines the sequence for moving from one interactive element (for example links or form fields) to the next by using the tab key.


To get a correct tab order, you must already have a proper logical document structure.

How to use it

  1. Click in the ribbon tab Extras on the button Set Tab Order.
    Button: Set Tab Order
  2. Done!

Related accessibility issue

Example of an error message: PDF/UA > Metadata and Settings > Document Settings > Tab order entry in page with annotations > Tab order entry in page with annotations not set to S

This error message means that the setting that the tab order shall be orientated on the logical order is missing in your document. This can concern a single page, several pages, or the whole document.