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Insert Spaces

What it does

This command inserts spaces between words without spaces. The settings can be customized:

  • Missing space width (% of height)
  • Acceptable base line displacement (% of height)
  • Max. truncation of space (% of space width)
  • Max. extent of space (% of space width)

Use it for

Inserting spaces if the preview shows words without spaces.

How to use it

  1. Click in the tab "Content" on the button "Insert Spaces"
    Button: Insert Spaces
  2. The dialog window "Insert Spaces" opens.
    Dialog box: Insert Spaces
  3. Use the default settings and click on the button "OK".
  4. Re-ceck your document visually by using the preview.
  5. If there are still some missing spaces left go to the pane "Insert Spaces" again, customize the settings and execute the command "Insert spaces" again. Maybe you have to find the best settings by trial and error.

Related accessibility issues

Missing spaces can cause severe presentation problems.