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Matterhorn Protocol

PDF/UA translated into clear checkpoints

The Matterhorn Protocol that was worked out by the PDF/UA Competence Center of the PDF Association translates the ISO standard 14289-1:2012 into 31 checkpoints with 136 failure conditions.

89 of these failure conditions can be checked by a machine. 45 of them need a validation by a human. 2 conditions do not have a determined checking method. Most of the failure conditions are related to single objects like tags, tables or links for example. Some of the conditions apply to the document, a few of them to a single page.

Matterhorn Protocol implemented into axesPDF QuickFix and PAC

The automated PDF/UA check which is implemented in PDF Accessibility Checker (PAC) and in axesPDF, covers nearly all 89 machine-checkable conditions.

Both programs offer additional tools for the visual check:

  • the Preview Tab and the Tag Tree View in axesPDF or
  • the Screenreader Preview the Logical Structure View in PDF Accessibility Checkers (PAC)

Useful resources

You can download the current version of the Matterhorn Protocol as an PDF/UA compliant document at the website of the PDF Association: