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Why are Spaces Missing in the Logical Document Structure of the PDF Document?

If spaces are missing in the Logical Document Structure of your PDF document exported with axesSlide, there are two possibilities:

(1) The Space is Missing in the Presentation

Check whether there is actually a space in the position of your presentation. If you have inserted a manual line break (key combination: Shift + Enter), the words are separated in your presentation, but the line break is not included in the logical document structure. Make sure that there is a space before the manual line break.

(2) The Space is Missing due to an Export bug From Microsoft

If all the spaces in your presentation are inserted correctly, the error is caused by an export bug from Microsoft. It occasionally happens that spaces are not correctly included in the document structure.

The error occurs less frequently in newer versions of PowerPoint. Make sure that you have installed the latest update.

The bug frequently occurs in the following cases:

(2.1) The automatic spell checker is activated

If text has been marked by the automatic spell checker during the writing process, the following space may be missing in the export. This also happens if the marking no longer exists.

Possible Troubleshooting

Deactivate the automatic spell checker and re-enter the text.

To deactivate the spell checker:

  1. Click on File in the ribbon.
  2. Then click on Options in the menu at the bottom left.
  3. The PowerPoint Options dialog box opens. Select the Proofing option from the menu.
  4. In the When correcting spelling and grammar in PowerPoint section, deactivate the following 3 checkboxes: Check spelling as you type, Frequently confused words and Mark grammar errors as you type.

Screenshot: 'PowerPoint Options' dialog box. The 'Proofing' menu option is selected. The checkboxes in the section 'When correcting spelling and grammar in PowerPoint' are deactivated.

(2.2) Text within a paragraph was formatted differently without the following space

If you have formatted individual terms within a paragraph differently (e.g. bold, a different font size or a different color), the following space may be missing in the export.

Possible Troubleshooting

If you format text differently within a paragraph, make sure that you also select the following space when formatting. Re-enter and re-format the text passage including the following space.

Tip: axesPDF as a Professional Checking and Correcting Tool

Our professional tool axesPDF created for checking and correcting PDF documents, can easily add missing spaces in the document structure by using the "Insert Spaces" Button.