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Conversion Errors - Not supported: Brush type: Path gradient

What is the Issue?

The "Conversion Errors" message occurs when color gradients are used in graphic objects on the slide that axesSlide does not currently support.

Support according to the type of gradient:

  • Linear: supported
  • Radial: not supported
  • Rectangular: not supported
  • Path: not supported

The color gradients cannot be converted correctly and probably look different in the exported PDF than in PowerPoint.

If you click on the Continue button, the PDF will still be exported and you can check the result visually.

Screenshot: 'Conversion Errors' dialog box. The error 'Not supported: Brush type: Path gradient' is listed several times.

How to fix it?

If the corresponding slides deviate too much or become illegible due to the incorrect conversion, try removing or replacing the color gradients listed in the message. Use linear gradients or solid fill instead, for example.