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License Manager: Starting


The License Manager is an autostart application that runs in the background. If it is not running, you won't be able to start and open it in any of the following ways.

If the License Manager is not running, then this often indicates an issue. The automatic renewal of your activation no longer works. Your activation will then expire after 30 days at the latest.

There are two ways you can start the license manager on your computer:

Way 1: Via Windows Tray - The quick and direct way

Go to the Windows tray on the right lower corner of your screen. Click the ^ icon to show the hidden icons as well.

Click on the axes4 icon to open the license manager.

Way 2: Via the license information of your axes4 application

There is a button in the view of the license information of your axes4 application "License Manager". Pressing this opens the license manager in your standard browser.

License information window with the License Manager button