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List continue

What is a list continue?

You have created a list and there is more than one text paragraph for a list item.


Word: List with list continue paragraphs

How to create a correct accessible list

  1. Assign an own style to all paragraphs that are list continues.
    Tip: Simply use the styles that Word already contains by default; these are "List Continue" (up to "List Continue 5"). If your list has just one level, you only need the style "List Continue"; for multilevel lists you need a separate style for each additional level ("List Continue 2" etc.).
    Word: List continue and task pane 'Styles'
  2. In the axesWord Document Settings, assign the role List Continue plus the corresponding List Level to these styles.
    Dialogue box: Document Settings; style 'List Continue' with role 'List Continue' and 'List Lvel' 1
  3. Done.

PAC preview of a list with list continues

PAC-Preview of a List with list continues

You can see that one list entry contains several P tags.

If you do not follow this instructions - e.g. you use style "Normal" for the list continue paragraphs without any role mapping in axesWord - your list will be divided into several lists and that has a negative impact to accessibility!