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List continue

What is a list continue?

If you create a list that contains more than one text paragraph for each list item, you must specify a style those additional paragraphs. In Microsoft Word, you can apply the List Continue style.

Example of a bulleted list with additional text

In the example list, the first bulleted item is followed by two List Continue items, and the second bulleted item is followed by three List Continue items. Each set of List Continue items is circled in red.

How to correctly create an accessible list

  1. In your document, select the paragraph that follows the first list item.

  2. In the Microsoft Word Styles pane, select List Continue.
    If the text associated with the list item includes more than one level of indented text, select the corresponding List Continue style (List Continue 2, List Continue 3, etc.).

    Tip: Word contains style for several levels of List Continue text: up to List Continue 5. If your list has just one level, use List Continue. For multilevel lists, use the corresponding style; for example, List Continue 2, List Continue 3, etc.

    Word: List continue and task pane 'Styles'
  3. On the axesWord ribbon, select Document Settings.
  4. On the Role Mapping tab, in the Style list, select List Continue.
  5. In the Role of Style pane, select List Continue and Level 1.
    Dialogue box: Document Settings; style 'List Continue' with role 'List Continue' and 'List Lvel' 1
  6. For multilevel content, select each level of List Continue and apply the corresponding role.
    For example, in the Styles list, select List Continue 2, apply the List Continue role and select Level 2.
  7. Repeat the steps for each List Continue level used in the document.
  8. Click Done.

PAC preview of a list with List Continue items

PAC-Preview of a List with list continues

In the PAC Screen Reader Preview, you can see that the first two List items contain several P tags.

To ensure that the lists in your document are accessible, you must map the List Continue paragraphs to the corresponding role in axesWord. If you use the Normal style, without mapping the role, the list will be divided into several lists and will not be read correctly, negatively impacting the accessibility of your document.