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Metadata: Optional configuration feature

Valid for:

axesWord versions 23.1.0 and higher

Warning: Validity of the generated PDF

If certain values are not included as metadata, a non-valid PDF will be generated, since many programs work on the basis of this metadata.

This metadata includes:

  • Instance ID
  • Document ID
  • Creation Date

as well as other metadata of a similar type.


Attention: In order to use this function, a special parameter must be set in your license key.

Please contact to have the feature unlocked.

Configuration of the metadata in the registry

By default, metadata is written into the PDF when it is generated. It is possible to exclude certain metadata via the configuration.

Where are the keys entered?

Starting with axesWord 23.1.0, this process can be configured via the Windows registry.

The settings can be made in the registry at some locations with a different priority of handling. This means that a setting is overridable with a setting from a location with a higher priority:

  • Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\axes4\axesWord (lowest priority)

  • Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\axes4\axesWord

  • Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Policies\axes4\axesWord

  • Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\axes4\axesWord (highest priority)

In the order of priority, all settings will be merged into one.

How are the keys entered?

Under the registry keys above the following sub-key tree must be defined:





└── Policies\axes4 or axes4

└── axesWord (REG_KEY)

└── Settings (REG_KEY)

└── Conversion (REG_KEY)

└── Metadata (REG_KEY)

└── EmbeddingAuthor (DWORD: 0|1)

└── EmbeddingCreateDate (DWORD: 0|1)

└── EmbeddingCreator (DWORD: 0|1)

└── EmbeddingDescription (DWORD: 0|1)

└── EmbeddingDocumentId (DWORD: 0|1)

└── EmbeddingInstanceId (DWORD: 0|1)

└── EmbeddingKeywords (DWORD: 0|1)

└── EmbeddingMetadataDate (DWORD: 0|1)

└── EmbeddingModifyDate (DWORD: 0|1)

└── EmbeddingProducer (DWORD: 0|1)

└── EmbeddingSubject (DWORD: 0|1)

└── EmbeddingTitle (DWORD: 0|1)


Default values

If an Embedding* value is not set in the registry the default value is 1 (true) and the metadata value will be embedded in the document.


The value (DWORD: 0|1) is interpreted as a bool value which means 0 is false
and 1 is true.