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How to create new styles in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word contains many useful default styles, such as "Heading 1" through "Heading 9", "Normal", "List" through "List 5", or "Caption". Make your work easy by using these styles whenever possible.

However, when working with axesWord, it is sometimes helpful or even necessary to create new user-defined styles; for example, for the header cells in tables.

To create a new style

  1. In the Styles dialog, select the New Style button.
    In the Styles dialog, the New Style button is highlighted
  2. The Create New Style from Formatting dialog opens, providing a wide range of settings to design a new style according to your requirements.

    The Create new style dialog

  3. Select the Format button to display more setting options.

    The list of options in the Format menu.

    The Paragraph menu option is particularly noteworthy - It allows you to define line spacing, right or left indentations, and spacing before or after a paragraph.


Give the new style a name that indicates when it should be used.