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Create new multilevel list

  1. Click in Ribbon tab: Home in the Command group: Paragraph on the Button: Multilevel List.
  2. Choose Menu option: Define New List Style....

  3. The dialogue box: Define New List Style opens. Enter a name in the text field: Name.
  4. Click then on Button: Format.
  5. Click on menu option: Numbering....

  6. The dialogue box: Modify Multilevel List opens. Click on Button: More.

  7. Make sure that level 1 is selected.

  8. Open the dropdown Listbox: Number style for this level and choose a number style for a numbered list or choose a bullet character for a list with bullets.

  9. Now you have to link a style with the first list level. Select in the dropdown Listbox: Link level to style the corresponding style (for example style "List" or "Heading 1").

  10. To set the position of the bullets and the text position for all levels click on button: Set for All Levels....

  11. Now select level 2, set the number style (or bullet character) and link a corresponding style. Repeat this procedure for all needed levels.
    See this example of a multilevel list with 4 levels:

  12. Finally confirm with Button: OK.
  13. Your multilevel list is now shown in the multilevel list menu in category: Current List and category: List Styles. Just move the mouse pointer over the list and the name of the list is shown.

If you want to change the settings of your multilevel list right-click on the list and confirm menu option: Modify.