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May I convert my document in the "Compatibility Mode"

Not by any means! If you work in the "Compatibility Mode" your document may contain elements from previous Word versions and this could have negative impacts on structure analysis and errors in the structure tree.

So take care that Word is not in the "Compatibility Mode" when converting your document.

You can recognize the "Compatibility Mode" by the information in the status line of Word.
Word-Statuslinee with Compatibility Mode

 To leave the "Compatibility Mode" follow these steps:

  1. Click on the ribbon tab "File".
  2. Choose menu option "Save As".
  3. Click on "Browse".
  4. Select the option "Word-Document" in the drop-down list box "Save as type:" (the check box "Maintain compatibility with previous versions of Word" must be clear).
    Word-Dialogbox: Save As
  5. Click on the button "Save".
  6. Confirm the following dialog box with button "OK".
    Word-Dialogbox: Upgrade to newest file format
  7. Done!