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What is the issue?

Reason is in the most cases a damaged numbering which can be easily identified in the table of content.

How to identify the position of the problem?

  1. Convert your Word document to a PDF using Word. Click on the ribbon tab: File. Find the button: Save as on the left side. Choose the memory location and select in the dialogue window: Save as the file typ "PDF".
  2. Open then the PDF with a PDF viewer.
  3. Go to the table of content and zoom in to 300% (or even more).
  4. Search for the first heading level, where the numbers are pixelated.
    Here you see an example. Heading levels 1 and 3 are pixelated, while level 2 is displayed correctly.

How to fix it?

Deleted the numbering on the highest damaged heading level (in the example above level 1) in Word and set it up again. Before deleting the numbering you should document all the settings of the multilevel list (indentations, spaces, etc.), so that you can easily rebuild the list.

  1. Fade in the task pane: Styles in Word.
  2. Right-Click on the first damaged heading level, then select option: Modify....
  3. Click on the button: Format, then on option: Numbering...
  4. Click in the dialogue window on "None" (even it is already selected) and then on button: OK. Now the numbering is deleted.
  5. Set the cursor on the first heading of this heading level.
  6. Now set up the numbering again. Click in the ribbon tab: Home in the command group: Paragraph on the button: Multilevel list Word_Schaltfl_che_Liste-mit-mehreren-Ebenen.png and create a new multilevel list by clicking the menu option: Define New Multilevel List....
  7. Now you have newly defined the numbering.
  8. Finally update the table of content. Right-click on the table of content, then click on menu option: Update fields and then option: Whole table of content.

Now you should be able to convert your document with axesWord.


It may be necessary to create the multilevel list from scratch. See our guide on how to create multilevel lists.